A museum - even a private one - needs visitors to come alife. Visitors will propagate a museum if their visit was to their satisfaction. You need to get a number of things right in a museum to attract and keep visitors.
You need to attract visitors from the moment they visit your webpresence,
For this you need a cleanly structured menue to guide the potential visitor to what he is interested in.
Never intimidate your visitor [feeling out of his depth]
Your team must be a happy one as their mood will rub off on your visitors. From the outset, it is their role to engage, entertain and welcome their audience - to be centre stage.
We design for our private clients interior space to display precious artefacts with advantgeous lighting and in a secure manner. The items range from 10 cm by 10 cm to 200 cm by 200 cm with a value range of 50'000 GBP to 10'000'000 GBP.