# 2019-05-01 Director Project Financing

We have embarked some 5 years ago on the development of standardized Hospitals and multi-disciplinary Health Centres for Iran, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and other Middle East areas. The Designs are completed to the extent that a standard solution can be offered to municipalities in this market region. Standardized components are identified and base line costing is established. Some 10% of local cost is subject to change depending on the actual location. This is to take care of sewage, power supply and access road. It is now that we look to setup a team to organize project financing and for this function we seek to employ a Director Lender_Consortia. The successful candidate will have an academic background in economy, accounting or banking and a minimum of 5 years project financing experience. The candidate must be fluent in English speaking and writing and have a good working knowledge of Farsi speaking and writing. Knowledge of Azeri would be a welcome boon.